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Pain Management at Advanced Pain Management and Rehab

 The spine is the backbone of all activities in the human body. Injury to this part of the body translates to untold mental and physical suffering, and you’re left weighing options about the viable modes of pain management and chronic pain relief available. If you live in the Williamsport and Lycoming County areas, it’s time for you to give Advanced Pain Management and Rehab a try. The spinal column is the medium through which the brain and the body communicate. It is very complex and detailed, and any damage done to it is best handled by a trained chiropractor.  

Tried-and-Tested Chronic Pain Relief

At Advanced Pain Management, we know this all too well. We specialize in chiropractic care, chronic pain relief, and treatment, with the individual involvement of our certified anesthesiologist. Our chiropractor is a highly trained individual who supplements his chiropractic expertise with modern methods of diagnosis and treatment to give you back your peace of mind and the good health of your spine.

Our doctors have come up with tried-and-tested programs to treat and cure nerve, spinal, and muscular pain. Our medical team, comprised of experienced medical doctors, physicians, and therapists, strives to evaluate and treat acute and chronic conditions using the most sophisticated and advanced techniques.

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We welcome you to experience chronic pain relief and chiropractic care at the most advanced level at Advanced Pain Management and Rehab. Our fully-equipped ultramodern facility serves the Williamsport and Lycoming County areas and is capable of offering pain management you never knew existed. You too can go back to living your normal, pain-free life and become another success story. Make that call today at (570) 322-1245.  


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "The staff is always friendly and the doctor actually listens to your feelings/ concerns/opinions."
    - Karissa G.
  • "Advanced Pain Management has given me a chance for a normal healthy life. Thank you Advanced for all that your qualified staff does!!!"
    Melanie L.
  • "The friendliness of the staff and the pleasant environment they create. I'm disappointed that my condition has gotten better and I will no longer enjoy seeing their smiles when I walk through the door."
    Adam B.
  • "Convenient location. Friendly staff and doctors."
    Charlene B.